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I’m thinking “You’re here for a reason…”

Let me guess what you’re thinking: “Who are you? Why should I listen to you? And what’s so special about this blog?”

Well, my name is Kemi Dele. I’m Female. Mum. Writer. Public Health Professional.

First of all, I write mostly because it’s therapeutic for me, and I enjoy sharing what I know. And having practiced in the Health Sector for over a decade, I believe it is important to share the knowledge so all may benefit.

Oftentimes, when you pick a health magazine or visit a health blog, it doesn’t take long to get completely lost, confused and to begin to misunderstand what is being said.

She-Matters is a Health and Wellness blog dedicated to women of all ages. It explores health challenges which are important to women, the determinants of health as well as general knowledge of health and diseases.

It is obvious that these considerations are not only relevant to women, they are also relevant to all genders. We all need one another in our constant efforts to remain healthy.

Health is the state of complete physical, social and mental wellbeing, and not just the absence of illnesses and diseases.

This is not a prescription blog, and it does not substitute your need for a doctor, but it will contain information that are relevant for everyday application.

Why “She-Matters”?

She-Matters because this blog primarily focuses on Women Health. Women health matters. A healthy woman is a healthy family.



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