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One School Bullying is Too Much

A big shout out to school management who take bullying very seriously.
And for schools who do not have bullying policies, that is not good enough. For school who have a policy against bullying and not using it, do something about it.

Listening to victims of school bullying is one heartbreaking experience. And to think that many kids have been robbed of their childhood because of school bullying is not acceptable.

One school bullying is too much. 

School bullying is a type of bullying that occurs either inside or outside of school. It involves one person(s) trying to intimidate or dominate the other person(s) by all means possible.

Bullying can be physical, verbal, or emotional and is usually repeated over a period of time.

In schools, bullying occurs in all areas. It can occur in nearly any part in or around the school building, though it more often occurs during school breaks, in hallways, bathrooms, on school buses and waiting for buses, classes that require group work and/or after school activities.

Bullying in school sometimes consists of a group of learners taking advantage of or isolating one learner in particular and gaining the loyalty of bystanders who want to avoid becoming the next victim.


Strategies to combat bullying in schools according to South African Department of Basic Education

Make sure an adult knows what is happening to their children;

Enforce anti bully laws as part of the Code of Conduct for learners;

Make it clear that bullying is never acceptable;

Recognize that bullying can occur at all levels within the school;

Hold a school conference day or forum devoted to bullying/victim problems;

Increase adult supervision in the schoolyard, halls and toilets;

Emphasize caring, respect and safety.

Emphasize consequences of hurting others;

Enforce consistent and immediate consequences for aggressive behaviours;

Improve communication among school administrators, teachers, parents and learners;

Have a school problem box where learners can report problems, concerns and offer suggestions;

Help bullies with anger control and the development of empathy;

Encourage positive peer relations;

Offer a variety of extra-curricular activities which appeal to a range of interests;

Keep in mind the range of possible causes: e.g., medical, psychological, developmental, family problems, etc.

School Bullying is a complex thing. But teaching Respect and Tolerance leads to healthy coexistence and reduces or eliminates the chances of school bullying, because, again, one school bullying is too much.


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