Work Life

The Elderly Caregiver

My 80 years old elderly patient says she’s “sick and tired of being a caregiver”. Reason? Her client is “too old”.

This springly lady enjoys life as a caregiver, and loves her client who I later finds out is even older. But it’s telling on her, and lately she’s not coping, especially with the lifting part. She now has scoliosis and wears lumbar brace.

In her words: ” I’m sick and tired of lifting her (the patient). She’s “too old”, and it’s hurting my back”

Me: (thinking “are you not too old to be a caregiver” while plastering a learned smile on my face) “it’s a blessing to bless other”.

When did I become a philosopher? I was too fascinated by her lighthearted smile and gesture as she quickly went through her routine.

“How old are you ma’am?” I asked.

She: “I am 80 and she is 95. I’m telling you, she’s too old”. (referring to her client)

I am not the judge, but both ma’am (my patient) and her client are old, and neithet should be lifting anything heavier than a cup of tea. But love conquers all barriers, and makes it all worth it.

“You are so blessed”, I replied as she opened the door to leave. Of course after a couple more complaints about life as a geriatric. Her happy mood left a positive impression.

Moral: Life is beautiful. Happiness makes it all worth it.


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