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Give Blood. Give Now. Give Often

Every year, on 14 June, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD). 

The event serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood.
We cannot overemphasize the lifesaving role of blood donation. A single donation can potentially save more than one patient.

There is a huge demand for blood donation. Blood is an important resource, both for planned treatments and urgent interventions. Blood is vital for the treatment of the very sick patients; it supports complex medical and surgical procedures; and it is important for treating the wounded individuals during emergencies such as natural disasters, accidents, armed conflicts, etcetera. And let us not forget the important roles blood transfusion play during pregnancy and delivery, and in the care of infants and young children.

The campaign for 2017 focuses on Blood donation in emergencies. In crisis or emergency situation, the natural human response is “What can I do? How can I help?”. Therefore, the slogan for the 2017 campaign is: What can you do?, with the secondary message: Give blood. Give now. Give often.

On this World Blood Donor Day, the World Health Organization is emphasizing that every single person can play a role in helping others in emergency situations, by giving the valuable gift of blood. Every individual can help in preparing for the next unforeseen emergency by giving blood now. 

We must remember to give blood regularly, so that the blood stock is sufficient before an emergency arises.


As an adult, you have 8 to 12 pints (units) of blood in your body – average of 10 units. When you give a unit of blood, your body will replenish the entire amount you’ve lost in no time. The entire blood donation process only takes about 10 minutes and after every 56 days, you are fit to donate again.


Source: Mostly WHO

Photo Credit: Oluwafunke Ilesanmi


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