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Mother, not Father!

Happy Father’s day. Okay, the Father’s day weekend has come and gone. It was an opportunity to celebrate the deserving Dads, and maybe appeal to (more like smirk) the consciences of those that have been absent where it mattered most.

But, what about the Tough Women who have bravely shouldered the responsibilities of “Mum-and-Dad” all in one? Don’t they have a place in the celebration? Should a woman even bother to be recognized on Father’s Day because she’s primarily fitting into both roles? Is it okay to wish Women Happy Father’s day because they are lone parents?

In my opinion, I believe women who by choice or circumstances are single parents should be honoured and respected as women. You are a Woman, a Mother. You are not the father, you cannot be the father, and in the interest of the children, she shouldn’t pretend to be the father, whether literally or figuratively. You should enjoy the blessing of motherhood and flourish as the mum and accomplished parent that you are; rather than attempt to be a man that you are not. Do not be intimidated by the so-called “perfect families”, because indeed perfection is relative, and there is beauty in imperfections.

By embracing your femininity and bringing out the strength and beauty of a parent even though you are a lone parent, you will bring forth children who will grow into young adults with balanced view of life, who appreciate their strength their imperfections and what is unique about them, and are equipped to build healthy lives and healthy relationships; and who are not defined by the presence or absence of a parent.


Father’s day is celebrated annually on the third Sunday of June in most parts of the world.


A lone-parent family is defined as a mother or father living without a partner (either married or cohabiting), with their dependent children.



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