New Year, New Me: New Year Resolutions


They say New year resolutions are a little bit like babies: fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain.

I’m not a big fan of New Year Resolutions; not because they are bad or a waste of time, but mainly because, for me, it is such a daunting task to construct one of such resolutions.

For many years,  I’ve started with a blank sheet of paper and ended with the same blank paper, because it’s just so overwhelming: I’ve got so many things I will love to achieve in the year, and I don’t know where to start.

Besides, for many who manage to make the New Year Resolution List, they fail woefully, some don’t even get to accomplish a half of one!

So, are these resolutions just a waste of time? Are they designed to make a mockery of us for our inability to achieve simple goals? Should we even bother to make them?

I begin to realize, that New year resolutions don’t have to be hectic. And we don’t have to fail to achieve simple goals we set for ourselves.

To succeed with new year resolutions, we need to re-strategize.

1. We need to keep them simple.
2. We must not crowd the page with too many resolutions
3. We must be realistic and
4. We must not put ourselves under undue pressure to achieve our resolutions


So, I decide to make a simple list, (in no particular order), of activities that we can put on our New Year Resolution page. Please note that the list is not exhaustive, you can add your own.

1. Lose Weight
2. Spend More Time with Family
3. Improve Self e.g., go for courses, seminars, and training
4. Go back to school
5. Stay Fit and Healthy e.g. change diet plan, register at a gym etcetera
6. Learn Something New and Exciting e.g., a New language, instrument, dance class, crocheting, New food recipe
7. Write a book
8. Fall in Love/Start a New Relationship
9. Cut back on alcohol / Quit Smoking
10. Help Others Achieve Their Dreams / Mentoring
11. Volunteer
12. Pay up your debt
13. Spend Less, Save More
14. Get Organized
15. Get more sleep
16. Travel / Go for a Vacation

You are probably wondering: what about spiritual goals?  What about Pray for 2 hours per day? Or Read the Bible 3times over from Genesis to Revelations? Or fasting 4 times a week?
I did not add spiritual activities, because as believers, these are part of our lives. And whichever way you would like to improve, make it your personal goals and go for it.

Whatever you do this year, don’t forget to Enjoy Life to the Fullest, because Life is a Gift.

So, for individuals who struggle with New year resolutions, I do hope this is helpful. If still unsure, please feel free to pick your favourite resolutions from the list above, and just go for it.

Happy New Year 2018


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