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Job Interview..|What To Wear

So you got an invitation for the job interview. First of all, congratulations. I hope you find the following tips helpful in landing your dream job.

First impressions on an interview are critical. Those “first impressions” happen in less than 30 seconds and it’s based entirely upon your attire. What you wear – your physical appearance – is the first thing people see, before you even say a word. Whoever is hiring will try to visualize you in the position they’re trying to fill; and they will judge you and size you up from your handshake down to the choice of your shoes.

So, whether we like it or not, fashion matters when it comes to landing your dream job. And you are free to express your creativity and personality especially if the workplace isn’t too conservative or traditional. Style must however meet professionalism – so don’t wear anything too fashion forward or anything better suited for a night of cocktail with your friends to a serious job interview. You don’t want to be out of the race before the interview even begins.


If unsure, it is always safe to wear a suit where appropriate or at the very least a nice pair of pants or skirt and collared shirt or blouse. Stick with neutrals: You can’t go wrong with navy, black, and gray.

In this post, I will be focusing on colours.

BLUE: Blue is the ultimate safe choice 


Blue is one of the best colors to wear on ajob interview because is exudes trust and confidence. Blue is the color recommended color by most hiring professionals. Experts believe that shades of blue send the message that you’re credible and trustworthy. Studies show that (navy) blue is the best color for a suit to wear to a job interview because it inspires confidence.

However, you should be careful of wearing navy blue colors for creative jobs, as you could come off looking too conservative for the job.

BLACK: Black conveys leadership – save it for interviews for management positions


Besides blue, experts also favor black for job interviews. Still, be careful when selecting black for an interview. Color experts rank black the highest on the authority scale, which means it’s a great color to wear for an interview for a management position, but be wary of the risk of overpowering the person you’re interviewing with if you are applying to be an assistant, for instance.

And whatever you do, don’t mix and match different shades of blacks. Do not try to match different black fabrics to ‘make’ a suit.

GRAY: Gray is another safe choice


If you want to send the message to your (hopefully) future employer that you are both logical and analytical, then grey is the way to go. The gray shade works well for interviews in just about every field.

BROWN: Avoid brown altogether 


Brown doesn’t have negative connotations – you’ll send the message of being comforting and reliable. It is nice and neutral.

However it can also convey the image that you are simple and old-fashioned – which are qualities that aren’t exactly positive in job interviews when you want to convey the message of being forward-thinking and modern. So that you don’t run the risk of coming off as staid, just avoid brown altogether.

RED: Red sends a message of power, but not in a good way


You’ll definitely convey that you’re both bold and assertive if you wear red to a job interview, but in most cases, hiring professionals think the color can come off as domineering, and even worse, rebellious.

ORANGE: Just say no to wearing orange

Orange topped CareerBuilder’s list for the absolute worst color to wear to a job interview,


PURPLE & YELLOW, etc: Save purple and yellow for interviews in creative fields


For the most part, experts suggest playing it safe with neutrals for job interviews in most fields. But if you’re interviewing for a job in a creative field, don’t be afraid to wear certain colors. Purple sends the message of being artistic and unique, while yellow projects optimism and creativity.

WHITE: White sends the message that you’re organized and detail-oriented

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear

Send the message that you’re organized, impartial, and looking to make a clean start wearing white. While wearing a white suit is probably too big of a statement for a job interview, opt for a white blazer over a black shift dress, or a white button-down paired with a pencil skirt to get the benefits of wearing the shade.

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