Women's Health, Work Life

Sexual Harassment

No, it’s not okay!

At work. On the street. At a bar. At home. No matter where it happens – sexual harassment is just not acceptable.

No, she’s not “asking for it”.

If she doesn’t ask for it, you can never assume “she’s asking for it”. If she says “No”, she doesn’t mean “Yes”. No simply means No.

No, she’s not enjoying the attention. She’s not planning hard-to-get. Keep your hands to yourself.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual Harassment is an inappropriate sexual conduct, from one person to another.

And the person who is made uncomfortable with such conduct has the right to say that he/she is being sexually harassed.


We live in a world where people genuinely do not understand what is meant by sexual harassment.

So, I’ll keep it simple:

These are NOT  okay…

If it’s not consensual, it is harassment.

If she’s a colleague, don’t even think about it.

If you have feelings for her, let your MOUTH do the talking, and not your HANDS!

If she’s a stranger, or just an acquaintance, don’t even think about it!

#SheMatters 🌹




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