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Follow KemiDele as she shares her insights, opinions and experiences in the field of public health.

Public health is defined as the science of protecting the safety and improving the health of communities through education, policy making and research for disease and injury prevention.

“got Public Health?” is NOT a diagnosis blog, and it is NOT primarily designed for research or academic purposes, but it seeks to apply public health principles and concepts to real life situations.

“got Public Health?” also aims to provide a platform to share and discuss, interesting and engaging topics and events in public health, ranging from epidemiology, infectious diseases, chronic disease, aging, mental health, to issues relating to events in public health, disaster response, refugee health and other public health topics.

Every now and again, other topics outside public health will be explored as well.
Your input, contributions, insights, counter opinion and questions will be much appreciated.

So, welcome and enjoy the blog with us…


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